Beaver Springs Aquarium

Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

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Everyone has heard of the horrible cases of animal abuse and neglect, but how many of you know that our laws ALLOW for this abuse, and our law makers have made no effort to stop or prevent it?

The pictures I am presenting here were taken at The Beaver Springs Aquarium in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin on October 14, 2006.  This was better than the time I had been there before, in June of 2006.  If this was "better", then we are in trouble.  If this is considered acceptable and not a violation of our animal neglect and cruelty laws, then what is our world coming to?

I have been in touch with the local Chamber of Commerce, the local Health Department, The Humane Society of the United States, and the Department of Agriculture about this issue, and all have told me the same thing:  There is nothing that can be done to help these animals.  The laws don't protect the fish in a public aquarium or other "pet" situation.

See it for yourself, and if you agree with me, that this is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE and INHUMANE treatment of these innocent animals, then please scroll to the bottom of this page and click the link, sign my petition, and help me MAKE A DIFFERENCE WHERE IT COUNTS! 




Help put a stop to the cruelty and neglect you have just witnessed!

This is a fixable problem!  All it takes is to provide clean water and proper food, and to keep the habitats in good repair.  I have not posted all of the pictures that I took on this particular visit because of space issues here on the website.  These were some of the pictures that turned out the clearest.  Because of the ill lighting and dirty windows strung with cobwebs and other nasties, pictures were difficult to obtain.  The entire place is in a state of disrepair, concrete vats full of trout were cracked in many places, water leaking all over the ground.  Decorations inside were covered in cobwebs, including habitats holding live animals.  On my first visit to this "public aquarium" in June of 2006, the population in the tanks/vats was a lot more than when I visited in October.  I didn't have my camera on my first visit, though I wish I had.  Back in June, most of the fish were covered in open sores that were oozing.  Most of them in such a state that it would have been the right thing to do if they had been humanely destroyed.  What you are witnessing in these pictures was the end result, AFTER I made my many complaints to various agencies/organizations, seeking help for the animals.

Many of you are probably wondering who I am, and I do NOT post this webpage annonymously!

My name is Dawn Moneyhan, I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  I am an Aquatic Specialist and Nutritionist, and have 8 years of formal experience in my field.  My husband is an Aquatic Biologist, and works with me alongside of his full time job with one of the USA's leading aquatics manufacturers.

My decision to bring this problem online, for the world to see was a long thought out process.  I have done so much research and lost many many nights of sleep over this issue.  It has been made clear to me that the only way to help these animals and many others like them, is to change the laws governing animal cruelty and neglect.  We need to reform our current laws to include "all pets"!  In my research, I found that the state of Delaware specifically excludes fish in their animal welfare laws.

I am convinced that people are simply unaware of such things happening in today's society.  So, here I offer you SOLID PROOF of what I witnessed, of what keeps me awake at night searching for a solution.  None of the people I spoke to was able to help, though ALL expressed their desire to do so.

WE can stop this... "We the people" can stand together and tell our lawmakers that enough is enough!  If this had been dogs or cats, these people would be in jail for animal neglect and cruelty.  Fish are still animals, and in such a case, qualify as "pets".  A pet is any animal, in captivity, dependent on human care for it's basic needs and survival.  Is it more humane to torture a monkey than a lion?  Is it acceptable to force a dog to live in it's own filth, but not an elephant?

We have laws to protect trees, historical homes, and environments on a whole, so why are our fish at such risk?  These are living, breathing, feeling creatures, and they deserve the same respect!

Thank you for taking the time to view this page and read the information provided.  Anyone who wishes to help in my struggle to protect the animals our laws have forgotten, please feel free to email me at at any time.  Due to the overwhelming response, please allow up to 2 wks for a response.  I WILL respond to all who write.

Your help and support are much appreciated, and on behalf of the animals: